If you could see your life in snapshots…….

what would it look like?

Earlier in the year, I discovered Instagram. I fell in love. It has been a way I have been able to document the daily ups and downs of our family, without having to lump around a 2kg camera {and accessories}. So I started a mission to see what our life would look like in snapshots over a year.  Whether at work, or enjoying some down time, I kept on happy snapping 🙂 Today, I am finally finishing off our year book. 

Looking back on all the thousands of images, I’ve discovered our life truly is wonderful and blessed 🙂

We’ve had fabulous times, low times, people that have come into our lives, and people that have left, we’ve lost loved ones, laughed till our bellies hurt and cried behind closed doors. We’ve learnt valuable  lessons along the way, but above everything else, we have remained strong and true, not just as a family, but as individuals.  We have truly loved our year, and have remained grateful for every single day, and cannot wait for an exciting 2012. 🙂

To all our friends and family, across the globe. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year with your loved ones. Here are a few little bits and pieces that have caught my eye over the past week, and of course, a glimpse of our life in snapshots {for my family and friends}.

Love Annie xx

photo a day challenge 2011 instagram

Instagram ~ make your memories

Words to live by ~ I found this site a few days ago and was blown away by their honest reflection. This particular article is called “30 things to stop doing to yourself” I think most of us can relate 🙂

Sunshine Coast Family Portrait Photography ~ Dear Photograph……….

‘Dear Photograph,

Over 60 years ago my father spent hours on his shiny new rocking horse, two generations later his grandchildren share his joy.’ 

Miss Bridgett, 2011

dear photograph

child on a rocking horse with sunflare and backlight

girl on a rocking horse

Inspired by the wonderful, ‘Dear Photograph’   . How fabulous is it to have something, so meaningful, passed down through the generations, that gives so much joy to three little girls?  This session was done a little while ago,  in the spring.  As you’ve gathered, I’m a little behind on the blog – in fact I’m a little behind on everything 🙂

My family and I are going to be having a good rest over the holidays, as we have an exciting 2012 ahead! Sessions will recommence Jan/Feb 2012 🙂 I can’t wait! Until then, thank you to Miss Bridgett’s awesome family

xxx Annie xxx

Never say Never……

See, that’s the thing I’ve  learnt over the past few weeks…….never to say ‘n-e-v-e-r’. I said I’d never have to be admitted to hospital again {hence taking sooo many pics of my first experience}, and yet, within days, I end up back in there with more complications. Did I behave? Of course I didn’t!!! I even managed to escape {actually, escape isn’t quite the right word, as I literally I couldn’t, they lock the doors at night, and you’re forced to commando crawl under the Emergency Department reception desk, who I have to add, are very much on the ball and have eyes everywhere}, so I got Mark to ask if I could go home for the night, which of course they said yes {as I was halfway out the door} and I got to ‘rest’ in my own bed for a few hours 🙂 Hopefully we’re getting sorted now, and I’m home and on a special diet of chicken and rice, or chicken and mash potato, oh and chicken and rice again, with yoghurt thrown in for a treat 🙂

Huge thank you {again} to all the staff on the ward at Noosa – you are indeed a fabulous bunch – I won’t say I’ll never see you again {just in case} – but Mark is preparing a Survival Kit for the nursing and medical staff, in case I ever have to grace your doors again. I think it includes a mallet to knock me out with, handcuffs {not the kinky type}, more duct tape and a huge bottle of Valium – for the staff not me, and alcohol……lots and lots of alcohol. You’d seriously have to be a little drunk to look after me, or brave, or just plain silly. Thank you again Jill for really trying to keep me sane…… we gave it a good go!

I didn’t have my camera second time around, but I absolutely love this pic my hubby took of me and my boy Aaron. He came to tell me he got an A in his maths exam, he gave me a hug, told me I’m a ‘pretty lady’ and Mark took a pic on his phone. So yup, its not fancy, its not pro, but I absolutely love the look in his eyes 🙂 Am I loved or what???

I’m still off work at the moment, hopefully back to it soon 🙂  Have been so pathetically weak I haven’t even been able to lift my camera! Time to build the muscles up – Nikons are heavy 🙂 So, see you all on the flip side, things can only get better 🙂 xxxx

Grateful for childhood memories………..Rest in Peace Nanna

A very personal post for me. You see, at the time I got sick, my Nanna who lives in the UK also got sick. My Nanna is an amazing woman, completely dotty of course, but in a childhood, often full of mixed emotions, she always ensured my sisters and I were looked after. Our best childhood memories are of summer holidays at her house in Devon, playing amongst her wonderful garden, long walks with the dog down Woodbury Lane, treks in our gummies {wellie boots} through the neighbouring fields {collecting manure for the garden}, doing a spot of yoga, some sewing, knitting and  playing ‘pooh sticks’ over the little bridge at the end of her road. Her and Grandad always made sure we had magical Christmases. She was there for us 100%, and fought our corner. What can I say, most families are a tad dysfunctional right? In a childhood of highs and lows, she ensured we had a few weeks of normality every year, where we could enjoy being ‘children’. It is something I am incredibly grateful for.

And on the day I was discharged home from hospital, my Aunt and sister texted me to say she had passed away peacefully, holding my Aunt’s hand. I cried. I found it hard. But, I lay in the hospital bed and felt oddly at peace. She had had a wicked life that most of us would be envious of. I see traits of her in all of us, especially my son Aaron. He can be as feisty too 🙂 So to one of the most incredible, optimistic women I know, THANK YOU. You are amazing, always will be and I am so privileged to say you’re my Nanna. May you absolutely rest in peace, rock heaven ~ and enjoy being with Mum and Grandad again. You’ve been apart from them for wayyyy to long. 🙂

So, here is a collection of some of the images my Aunt sent me a little while ago………you see, photographs and memories are everything to me, they are priceless. All of these have been scanned and archived and no doubt will be displayed in our home eventually, as I feel it’s important to surround yourself by those you love whether they are here with us, or not. 

Thinking of the rest of my family at this time, my Aunt Maggy, cousin Dave and sisters Katy & Fern. I am unable to attend the funeral as still too sick to travel, but I’m pretty sure you will organise a fabulous celebration of Nanna’s wonderful life.

Love you all Annie xxxx

family portraitsfamily portraitsfamily portraits

Missing in Action ~ How one day can change your life…….

Ok, so the blogs been pretty quiet? There is a reason, a very good reason. 3 weeks ago, on a Friday morning I went out for brekky with Mark. By 6pm I was in the local Emergency Department with D&V (gastro) – and it all got so much worst. So in a nutshell: e-coli, norovirus, isolation for 14 days {I kid you not}, unable to see kids for 18 days, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, drips, drips and more drips, bloods, bloods and more bloods, antibiotics and more antibiotics, 9kg weight loss {Hawaii bikini body baby} post infective irritable bowel {which have been sent home with, will take time to heal apparently}, allergic reaction to Loperamide. So almost 3 weeks confined in one tiny room, where my conversation surrounded talking to the chair “Stanley”, recording poo and gazing wishfully out of the window, they finally discharged me yesterday with outpatient support.

All I can say is WOW – I am made of sturdy stuff. Also HUGE thank you’s to the doctors and staff at the hospital. Dr H, Dr K and Dr C – you are AWESOME!!!!  On Day 2 of isolation I’d packed my bags, sick or not and was trying to escape. I bawled my eyes out sooooo many times, and of course they all had fabulous times weighing at looking at my poo! {well it was interesting} 🙂 Jill the Nurse Manager there is incredible and kept me ‘sane’ {well as sane as I can be, which actually I’ve come to realise, isn’t very}. My GP’s called me for updates – so grateful for their input too. To my family, friends and clients – again wow. So many gifts, cards,flowers,survival kits {including duct tape to hold my arse in place and of course a cork – thank you Jae}. Friends ‘hovered’ at my door, brave friends gowned and masked up and came in, and of course I had my camera and could take pics 🙂

Obviously I will NEVER have to go through this again {fingers crossed}, but here are a few shots I took. I have another two weeks to recover, then hopefully I will be relatively normal again ~ or maybe not, who knows 🙂

A very special thank you to my clients who have been so understanding, and also to Andrew Mortimer – Images by Andrew for taking on some clients of mine.  And of course thanks to my work/friend colleagues at Nambour for being there for me and ‘coping’ without me ~ was a tad worried they wouldn’t need me anymore, but apparently my job is safe 🙂

And at this time, yesterday I also got news that my beauty-full Nanna, who we adore and gave us our best childhood memories, had passed away. So we are coming to terms with this as well. I will do a very special blog post for her, and catch up with client blog posts – as we have a few to do.

So,  an eventful October? I think so. Lets hope no more dramas for the rest of 2011. And def no more eating out {well aside from our favourite restaurant Rock Salt}. That should save the pennies too 🙂

To Fleur,Lyndall,Josie,Bridgett,Ashleigh,Miss Judy,Jacinta,Fern & Katy ~ my angels. And of course Mark and kids, who surprisingly managed without me? Hmmmmm. I don’t have to say any more – you are wonderful xxxxxxx

nurses at hospital

noosa hospital

nurses in hospital

noosa hospital

noosa hospital

noosa hospital

Where would I be without my AIPP photography mags?

and of course the Iphone happy snaps 🙂

noosa hospital

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