The Day After ~ Noosa Children’s Photography

It might just be the quiet before the storm, or it could be that Mother Nature has had enough of us lot here on the Sunshine Coast, but everything seems to have gone eerily quiet. No rain, no thunder, no lightening. So time for us to chill out with the boys 🙂 Here’s little Ollie reading his favourite book Charlie & the Chocolate Factory 🙂 And yep, his hair has got even longer over the holidays…..will he let me trim it? Hmmmm NOPE!

child reading book charlie and the chocolate factory

Project 365 ~ Sunshine Coast Photography

Everyone is calling it ‘The Big Wet’ ~ the storms and floods of 2011. We didn’t think it would affect us. Most of the flooding has been towards the north west of Queensland, but yesterday Mother Nature decided it was our turn…….and the rain fell, and fell until we all got flooded too 🙁 Today, although the waters are still a little high, it appears to have done its thing, and is now heading south towards Brisbane {stay safe guys}. You can follow our weather over on the the BOM site. Click HERE for the radar.

I snapped this quick pic of ‘Jack’, he’s our butcher bird 🙂 Jack sat on the verandah, for about 30 mins, just watching the rain as it fell. He kinda looks how we feel ‘tired,wet,bored and over it’ 🙂

sunshine coast floods of 2011

Project 365 ~ Noosa Photography ~ Sunshine Coast Photography

Now I know I am not suppose to do a photo a day from a client session, and technically I haven’t as little Miss N, wasn’t the client today……her brand new freshly baked sister was! But while Mum was feeding little Miss R, we decided to pop out for a quick walk in the rain {only the rain cleared ~ but at least we were prepared}.  x

photo of little girl in a rain mac and gummies wellies

Project 365 ~ Noosa Photography

Dreaming of………… sunshine

dream vintage funky photoshop actions

Project 365 ~ Photo a Day ~ Sunshine Coast Photography

or maybe the title should be ‘Rainy Coast Photography” ~ yup it’s raining again 🙁  Will it ever end? {sigh}

raindrops in black and white window

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