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Grateful for childhood memories………..Rest in Peace Nanna

A very personal post for me. You see, at the time I got sick, my Nanna who lives in the UK also got sick. My Nanna is an amazing woman, completely dotty of course, but in a childhood, often full of mixed emotions, she always ensured my sisters and I were looked after. Our best…

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Missing in Action ~ How one day can change your life…….

Ok, so the blogs been pretty quiet? There is a reason, a very good reason. 3 weeks ago, on a Friday morning I went out for brekky with Mark. By 6pm I was in the local Emergency Department with D&V (gastro) – and it all got so much worst. So in a nutshell: e-coli, norovirus,…

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Sunshine Coast Family Portrait Photography ~ Generations…….

There’s something very special about meeting a family who have lived in one area for generations. I think it’s because my family are scattered around the world. I grew up in a household where we shifted every 2 years, something to do with my Dad’s job apparently. It gave me the bug for travelling and moving…

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Children’s Portrait Photography Sunshine Coast Eumundi ~ An afternoon at ‘George’s’ place.

Location scouting is always fun. I absolutely adore getting in my car, turning the music up full blast and going to hunt out possible locations for sessions. For this location scout, I was with my friend Miss B and her 3 adorable children, as Miss B knows a guy, a few minutes down the road…

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The Maternal Lens ~ Inspiring Photography Websites

There are a few sites, that as a photographer, I visit regularly ~ just to sit, and chill with a hot cuppa and get lost in endless pages of the most heart warming and inspiring photography. One of them, that I have visited since it very first started, is The Maternal Lens. It was put…

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