Children’s Portrait Photography Sunshine Coast Eumundi ~ An afternoon at ‘George’s’ place.

Location scouting is always fun. I absolutely adore getting in my car, turning the music up full blast and going to hunt out possible locations for sessions. For this location scout, I was with my friend Miss B and her 3 adorable children, as Miss B knows a guy, a few minutes down the road from me who owns the most uh-mazing farm. I sighed as I walked up the driveway as, it is, well simply p.e.r.f.e.c.t. Rustic, funky, gorgeous evening light, horses, cattle, long grasses and gorgeous trees, oh and above all, ‘George’, a beauty-full elderly gentleman, whose family have lived here in Eumundi, for over a century.

This location scout was a little special, as it is for our Clickin Chicks next shooting clinic. Can we do any better? I don’t think so! So next time you see photographs from this very special place, imagine fairy lights and lanterns in trees, fine china, tea,scones and of course adorable children 🙂

Now we couldn’t leave without getting some shots of little Miss A. I hardly ever get pictures of her, so it was wonderful when she offered to be our ‘light tester’.  What a fabulous light tester she is.

I’m presently working on a project until November, so the blog will be a little quiet, but I will keep you updated with our goings on in the Clickin Chicks and of course, other sessions.  Enjoy the beginning of Spring, it certainly is glorious out there 🙂

Much love Annie xxx

girl with a pear balancing on head and smiling

photographs on a farm, sunlight feeding horses

girl in a field with sunlight and sunflare vintage styled

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