Funky Photography ~ Year 10 Work Experience

It’s always with joy I look forward to May, as it’s work experience time for hundreds of year 10 students across the Sunshine Coast. Usually I get an eager 15 year old, passionate about photography, has been taking digital photographs since they were born {boy I feel old now}, this year however I got my son. Being a completely disorganised 15 year old, my son didn’t get anyone to take him on for a week, so hey ho, he’s ended up with me 🙂

So far he’s done food photography, including the styling, portrait and landscape photography. He’s loved the art of story telling through images but disliked the amount of time we’ve spent sitting in the office, editing, replying to emails, preparing invoices and orders. Welcome to the ‘real’ life of a photographer baby boy. He also didn’t realise just how much time I spend outdoors, finally the child has got some sunshine and vitamin D 🙂

We’ve been able to spend to fabulous quality time together, including a few coffees and meals out. So here are a few pics of his progress. He’s pretty good at it, although he has decided he really doesn’t want to pursue a career in photography. Not sure whether to laugh or cry about that one.

Annie x

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