Grateful for childhood memories………..Rest in Peace Nanna

A very personal post for me. You see, at the time I got sick, my Nanna who lives in the UK also got sick. My Nanna is an amazing woman, completely dotty of course, but in a childhood, often full of mixed emotions, she always ensured my sisters and I were looked after. Our best childhood memories are of summer holidays at her house in Devon, playing amongst her wonderful garden, long walks with the dog down Woodbury Lane, treks in our gummies {wellie boots} through the neighbouring fields {collecting manure for the garden}, doing a spot of yoga, some sewing, knitting and  playing ‘pooh sticks’ over the little bridge at the end of her road. Her and Grandad always made sure we had magical Christmases. She was there for us 100%, and fought our corner. What can I say, most families are a tad dysfunctional right? In a childhood of highs and lows, she ensured we had a few weeks of normality every year, where we could enjoy being ‘children’. It is something I am incredibly grateful for.

And on the day I was discharged home from hospital, my Aunt and sister texted me to say she had passed away peacefully, holding my Aunt’s hand. I cried. I found it hard. But, I lay in the hospital bed and felt oddly at peace. She had had a wicked life that most of us would be envious of. I see traits of her in all of us, especially my son Aaron. He can be as feisty too 🙂 So to one of the most incredible, optimistic women I know, THANK YOU. You are amazing, always will be and I am so privileged to say you’re my Nanna. May you absolutely rest in peace, rock heaven ~ and enjoy being with Mum and Grandad again. You’ve been apart from them for wayyyy to long. 🙂

So, here is a collection of some of the images my Aunt sent me a little while ago………you see, photographs and memories are everything to me, they are priceless. All of these have been scanned and archived and no doubt will be displayed in our home eventually, as I feel it’s important to surround yourself by those you love whether they are here with us, or not. 

Thinking of the rest of my family at this time, my Aunt Maggy, cousin Dave and sisters Katy & Fern. I am unable to attend the funeral as still too sick to travel, but I’m pretty sure you will organise a fabulous celebration of Nanna’s wonderful life.

Love you all Annie xxxx

family portraitsfamily portraitsfamily portraits

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