If you could see your life in snapshots…….

what would it look like?

Earlier in the year, I discovered Instagram. I fell in love. It has been a way I have been able to document the daily ups and downs of our family, without having to lump around a 2kg camera {and accessories}. So I started a mission to see what our life would look like in snapshots over a year.  Whether at work, or enjoying some down time, I kept on happy snapping 🙂 Today, I am finally finishing off our year book. 

Looking back on all the thousands of images, I’ve discovered our life truly is wonderful and blessed 🙂

We’ve had fabulous times, low times, people that have come into our lives, and people that have left, we’ve lost loved ones, laughed till our bellies hurt and cried behind closed doors. We’ve learnt valuable  lessons along the way, but above everything else, we have remained strong and true, not just as a family, but as individuals.  We have truly loved our year, and have remained grateful for every single day, and cannot wait for an exciting 2012. 🙂

To all our friends and family, across the globe. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year with your loved ones. Here are a few little bits and pieces that have caught my eye over the past week, and of course, a glimpse of our life in snapshots {for my family and friends}.

Love Annie xx

photo a day challenge 2011 instagram

Instagram ~ make your memories

Words to live by ~ I found this site a few days ago and was blown away by their honest reflection. This particular article is called “30 things to stop doing to yourself” I think most of us can relate 🙂

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