Life Moments ~ Building with Plantation Homes, Queensland Australia

After  just a couple of weeks, we have structure to our place 🙂 Feels good to see it {and be able to walk around the rooms}. We still cannot believe how quickly they’ve worked. A couple of things that need putting right {gaps in the noggins – whatever a noggin is, and some ‘missing’ noggins – again how would I know, as I have no idea what they are} but otherwise all good and totally stress free.  So on to the next stage – ‘enclosure’, apparently that’s the roof, windows and basically closing up the house. We’ve now started to think or rather ‘dream’ about the decor/interior design. Far too much time is being spent at Bunnings, Domayne and Harvey Norman, wandering around collecting samples and prices of ‘stuff’. All I can say is I have expensive taste {always knew I should have been a rich girl}!  Hopefully the mortgage company will forgive me, as will my husband, eventually 🙂

So here is the progress to date, from the time they cut the block. Seems so long ago, but actually it has taken just 6 weeks to get to the frame stage. I’m slowly catching up with blog posts. Working 40 + hours a week and blogging just don’t mix 🙂 I need a blogging fairy, might pop that on my wish list for Christmas.

xx Annie xx

PS we met our neighbours! They’re all totally gorgeous!

plantation homes queensland australia

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