Life Moments ~ Why I look forward to the weekends…..

I work two jobs. I have three, utterly amazing {but lazy} teenage boys. I have an adorable husband who is my rock. My iPhone is my lifeline ~ if I forget it or misplace it, I have a true sense of ‘panic’ {pathetic I know}. My day starts 5am, a run or walk down by the lake, followed by a quick shower, some tooth brushing, a splash of lip gloss then off to job #1. I adore this job. It truly is my passion. I’ve always loved this job. From my first day at University to the present ~ the passion has remained, unwavering, untainted. I was always meant to be a nurse, I know that. After eight hours, I get home. My other passion is cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I havent always loved cooking. I only discovered it last year, and found I was actually quite good at it. So, I dig out my recipes and cook. I chill with my family watching trashy shows like {gulp} ‘Todders & Tiaras’ and ‘Wife Swap’. Just like my love of trashy magazines, I’m drawn to them. It’s my evening escape. I do this for 3 days a week. For the other 2 working days of the week, I do my other job, ‘this‘ business, and its great 🙂

I do one photography session a week, which means my weekends are usually free. They are bliss. I still get up at 5am, I still go for a run or a walk. The difference is I can ‘breath’, I can relax. I have no demands on my time by others. My boys are old enough to look after themselves. I have the time and space to meet with friends, cook, paint my nails, do my blog and have some genuine ‘me’ time. Never underestimate the time you need for yourself. I cannot believe, that even up until last year, my life revolved around doing ‘stuff’ for other people. It was a constant drain. This new year, I decided that I don’t have to do this. I can say no, and breath and enjoy my time. Steve Jobs once said“your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life”.  How true this is. So here I am, enjoying my weekend before I start another working week. Yesterday, the only thing I had to achieve was getting new school shoes for Ollie{can you believe the little man is now a high schooler}? Today, I’m walking along the beach, shopping, meeting friends for a catch up and of course, enjoying time with my gorgeous man. This is life, this is how to live it. It might not be glamorous, or rich to some, but to me it is perfect 🙂 I truly appreciate and love each and every day, and I’m thankful and grateful to be here, enjoying our life, surrounded by those we love, and who love us back. So here’s to many other weekends to come over 2012 🙂 xxxxx

‘Our’ weekends, the Instagram way 🙂

instagram images of every day life

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