Missing in Action ~ How one day can change your life…….

Ok, so the blogs been pretty quiet? There is a reason, a very good reason. 3 weeks ago, on a Friday morning I went out for brekky with Mark. By 6pm I was in the local Emergency Department with D&V (gastro) – and it all got so much worst. So in a nutshell: e-coli, norovirus, isolation for 14 days {I kid you not}, unable to see kids for 18 days, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, drips, drips and more drips, bloods, bloods and more bloods, antibiotics and more antibiotics, 9kg weight loss {Hawaii bikini body baby} post infective irritable bowel {which have been sent home with, will take time to heal apparently}, allergic reaction to Loperamide. So almost 3 weeks confined in one tiny room, where my conversation surrounded talking to the chair “Stanley”, recording poo and gazing wishfully out of the window, they finally discharged me yesterday with outpatient support.

All I can say is WOW – I am made of sturdy stuff. Also HUGE thank you’s to the doctors and staff at the hospital. Dr H, Dr K and Dr C – you are AWESOME!!!!  On Day 2 of isolation I’d packed my bags, sick or not and was trying to escape. I bawled my eyes out sooooo many times, and of course they all had fabulous times weighing at looking at my poo! {well it was interesting} 🙂 Jill the Nurse Manager there is incredible and kept me ‘sane’ {well as sane as I can be, which actually I’ve come to realise, isn’t very}. My GP’s called me for updates – so grateful for their input too. To my family, friends and clients – again wow. So many gifts, cards,flowers,survival kits {including duct tape to hold my arse in place and of course a cork – thank you Jae}. Friends ‘hovered’ at my door, brave friends gowned and masked up and came in, and of course I had my camera and could take pics 🙂

Obviously I will NEVER have to go through this again {fingers crossed}, but here are a few shots I took. I have another two weeks to recover, then hopefully I will be relatively normal again ~ or maybe not, who knows 🙂

A very special thank you to my clients who have been so understanding, and also to Andrew Mortimer – Images by Andrew for taking on some clients of mine.  And of course thanks to my work/friend colleagues at Nambour for being there for me and ‘coping’ without me ~ was a tad worried they wouldn’t need me anymore, but apparently my job is safe 🙂

And at this time, yesterday I also got news that my beauty-full Nanna, who we adore and gave us our best childhood memories, had passed away. So we are coming to terms with this as well. I will do a very special blog post for her, and catch up with client blog posts – as we have a few to do.

So,  an eventful October? I think so. Lets hope no more dramas for the rest of 2011. And def no more eating out {well aside from our favourite restaurant Rock Salt}. That should save the pennies too 🙂

To Fleur,Lyndall,Josie,Bridgett,Ashleigh,Miss Judy,Jacinta,Fern & Katy ~ my angels. And of course Mark and kids, who surprisingly managed without me? Hmmmmm. I don’t have to say any more – you are wonderful xxxxxxx

nurses at hospital

noosa hospital

nurses in hospital

noosa hospital

noosa hospital

noosa hospital

Where would I be without my AIPP photography mags?

and of course the Iphone happy snaps 🙂

noosa hospital

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