Yes,  that’s my poor old blog, totally and utterly neglected. The reason for this? Well ‘life’ really.

The end of every year is always a struggle. This year more so as our eldest son graduated high school.  On top of this add in Christmas, birthdays, house and garden stuff, work and hey presto, one neglected blog. So thank you to the emails and messages of concern I’ve received, all is good and I’ve just neglected my blog really 🙂

You can keep up to date with me on Instagram, just hunt out ‘funkyphotography’, hit request and I’ll add you 🙂

We’ve now been in our house a huge 11 months. I don’t feel we’ve achieved a great deal, but apparently we have. As I type this my multi talented hubby is sitting on a mini excavator, rearranging the back yard. We still have the alfresco area to tile, outdoor kitchen to construct and an enormous clock to hang! Oh and planting! We have so much planting to do. Did I mention I still want a pool? Yeah, I might be waiting a while on that one!

So I’m still taking a break from the world of photography. Hopefully mid year, we’ll be sorted enough for me to return to work. I’ll also have some motivation from my youngest son, as he’s in year 10 and has started a photography course ‘camera to canvas’. I’ll definitely be helping him with his homework 🙂

Aaron has also started to enjoy photography, he’s commandeered one of my old cameras, and started following me out in the early hours of the morning.  It’s good to get some mother-son time 🙂

lake weyba noosa heads sunshine coast

Promise I won’t leave it so long between updates! Love Annie xxx

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