Never say Never……

See, that’s the thing I’ve  learnt over the past few weeks…….never to say ‘n-e-v-e-r’. I said I’d never have to be admitted to hospital again {hence taking sooo many pics of my first experience}, and yet, within days, I end up back in there with more complications. Did I behave? Of course I didn’t!!! I even managed to escape {actually, escape isn’t quite the right word, as I literally I couldn’t, they lock the doors at night, and you’re forced to commando crawl under the Emergency Department reception desk, who I have to add, are very much on the ball and have eyes everywhere}, so I got Mark to ask if I could go home for the night, which of course they said yes {as I was halfway out the door} and I got to ‘rest’ in my own bed for a few hours 🙂 Hopefully we’re getting sorted now, and I’m home and on a special diet of chicken and rice, or chicken and mash potato, oh and chicken and rice again, with yoghurt thrown in for a treat 🙂

Huge thank you {again} to all the staff on the ward at Noosa – you are indeed a fabulous bunch – I won’t say I’ll never see you again {just in case} – but Mark is preparing a Survival Kit for the nursing and medical staff, in case I ever have to grace your doors again. I think it includes a mallet to knock me out with, handcuffs {not the kinky type}, more duct tape and a huge bottle of Valium – for the staff not me, and alcohol……lots and lots of alcohol. You’d seriously have to be a little drunk to look after me, or brave, or just plain silly. Thank you again Jill for really trying to keep me sane…… we gave it a good go!

I didn’t have my camera second time around, but I absolutely love this pic my hubby took of me and my boy Aaron. He came to tell me he got an A in his maths exam, he gave me a hug, told me I’m a ‘pretty lady’ and Mark took a pic on his phone. So yup, its not fancy, its not pro, but I absolutely love the look in his eyes 🙂 Am I loved or what???

I’m still off work at the moment, hopefully back to it soon 🙂  Have been so pathetically weak I haven’t even been able to lift my camera! Time to build the muscles up – Nikons are heavy 🙂 So, see you all on the flip side, things can only get better 🙂 xxxx

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