Noosa Baby, Child and Family Portraits ~ What to expect when you have a professional photography session……

Session fee – paid

Hair cuts – done {with great difficulty, lots of squirming and maybe a nicked ear lobe}

New clothes – purchased {wow we all look so cool in our white tee’s and denim pants}

Props – purchased {funky talking Elmo is perfect……the photographer will LOVE it}

Stressed out husband debriefed, shaved, dressed, told to be polite and ready to be dragged along – check

Spray tan – applied

Make up {heavily applied}

Ok, so we’re ready 🙂 C’mon photographer, give it your best shot! Make us look AWESOME! {like they do in magazines}

noosa photography for kids noosa baby photography

{sigh}………ok, so some photographers do want you to do all of the above, after all,  you’re investing money into something that will be handed down through the generations, passed from email to email, delivered by mail in the form of Christmas and birthday cards, so yup, YOU want it to be perfect, BUT I am not like every photographer 😉 I am ‘me’ 🙂 So what can you expect from your Funky Photography session?

Ok lets start at the beginning.  I am a natural light, on location photographer {yup folks that means I don’t use a flash}! It doesn’t mean I don’t own a whole heap of specialist lighting equipment……I do, but I have been trained since the age of 17 to ‘see’ and use available light to the max, for a more flattering effect 🙂 I know the area very well, and I understand light incredibly well. You won’t find your session being held at ten o clock in the morning, but either VERY early in the morning or VERY late in the evening. I don’t do this cos I have a really cool social life and love to sun bake, chat over lattes and surf {seriously you’ll never catch me in the water…there are sharks out there}, I do it because I know when the light is better at certain locations to achieve the results we want.

baby with a vintage kodak camera sunflare

Working on location means we could literally end up anywhere! I have access to some of the best photographic  locations on the Sunshine Coast {I say access, this may be legal, or illegal, but I’ve never been done for trespassing yet ;)}. We live in a beautiful part of the world, so our studio is our own backyard. However, for newborn baby photography, I do prefer to come to your home or you can come and visit me at my new studio location at Gateway Drive in Noosa Heads 😉

If I come and see you at your home, try and make sure the room that has the best natural window light, is uncluttered {I so dislike spraining my ankle or worst, cleaning}! Open blinds and curtains, let that natural light flood in 🙂 Warm the room up a little then let me in 😉 {you seriously can’t miss my arrival, huffing and puffing, carrying vast amounts of blankets and beanies}

child in a field with a super hero cape

For older kids and families, I custom design your shoot. I ‘dream’shoots…I know it sounds a bit wacko, but I seriously do, and have done ever since ….. well I started kids photography 😉 After you’ve booked me, I give you a call to discuss what you’d like to get out of the shoot. Do you like vintage styles? The beach? Are you county folk that live on a farm? Do you want a themed shoot? Can I photograph you performing an extreme sport like cliff diving or bungy jumping? Hmmmmm, might pass on the latter but  anything IS possible {it just takes a bit of imagination and creativity}.

the best australian children's photographers

I go over clothing options, you don’t have to go out and buy outfits, you’ll have everything you need in your wardrobe. If you end up bringing a whole suitcase, I don’t mind 🙂 But hey, lets stay away from the white and denim look, its old hat. Funky co ordinated colours are so much nicer and can make or break an image 🙂 Just visit my friend Megan Cristello’s website to see how she co ordinates colours! She is UH-MAZING! Also please see the ‘What to Wear’ information section on my website.

fresh fun and funky photography across the sunshine coast

Ok so do you really need to get the kids hair trimmed??? Sometimes messy, natural hair is much nicer {I am a Mum with an 11 year old son who has the most AMAZING curly long hair – sometimes with dreadlocks}. I never stress about him not combing it before I photograph him, as its well……who he is 🙂 but if you do like your kids neat and tidy, then go for it, but please with boys hair, try not to shave their heads. If you buzz cut…. I will place a beanie on your kids head 🙂

Props…..I am a bit of a prop queen. I do love them so. Part of me custom designing your session, means I will haul the most heaviest, ridiculously sized furniture into fields, if I think it will suit your family. And, I don’t just stop at furniture. If I see something that ‘goes’ with the theme, you will find it at your session location {complete with an army of mugs to life and carry……….. I mean ‘helpers’}

Your free to bring your own props too! A family heirloom, something meaningful, your child’s favourite teddy or a quilt that Nanna’s made. Bring them along 🙂 Click HERE to see a session with extra special props 🙂

girl with apples in lap

Spray tan and make up. Hmmm, I’m all for looking good. But hey lets not go overboard 🙂 My camera has a little quirk of turning spray tans……orange! It’s not a good look, so maybe step away from the tan booth, save your money and go and grab a latte instead 🙂

The day of the shoot.

Wow it’s all so exciting now, or maybe that’s nerves? Weeks of planning, praying the weather stays nice and that the kids behave and that little Billy doesn’t say that rude word he learnt at day care last week. I can seriously understand how nerve wracking it is, as I always make sure we have our own family portraits done every year {trust me,it gets so much harder when they’re in their teens! They do stuff like say ‘no’}! You’re investing your time, energy and money into this.  The only advice I can give is too relax, seriously RELAX. Let me be the nervous one {I’m always nervous before a shoot – I’d love to say I don’t feel the pressure, but I do}.So what if nothing goes to plan, the kids throw a couple of tantys and get mud on the freshly ironed clothes. We just let them finish, wipe over the snot with baby wipes and change their clothes 🙂 Never be embarrassed, I’ve done this for many, many years and have seen it all before. Not a lot fazes me and I have a lot of patience 😉 {and when I get home I have access to a good supply of alcohol}. So chill and enjoy the experience.

boys with vw kombi photography

How am I on the day of the shoot? Hmmm, well an incy bit nervous {of course} but surprisingly, I’m very organised and actually quite quiet. Yup, I did say the word quiet 🙂 I’m very focused. I don’t over shoot, so don’t expect a zillion pics of Billy eating boogers. I plan the shots, wait for it to happen, then take the shot. You’ll end up with a gallery of 30-40 images from which to choose your prints and products. What happens to the rest? They stay on my external hard drives for 12 months.

What happens if it rains?  🙁 …….. sadly we do have to reschedule. I have approximately $10,000 worth of camera and lens swinging from my neck and its not waterproof, so we do have to reschedule, but you’ll thank me for it later 🙂

As a photography tutor, I occasionally have student photographers with me. They’re all so very very nice, but if you feel one camera and lens pointing in your face is enough, then just let me know 🙂

lemonade stand photo shoot

How to book…..{if I haven’t put you off}

By email drop me a line at or use the contact form on the menu bar

By telephone. Call me on 0420675451 {go on, give me a call, I get lonely and can talk for England}

When I’ve got all your details, I’ll email you the Collection Pricing, so you know everything up front. I have a minimum order requirement of $400. That means you have to order $400 worth of prints, but hey they’re awesome so its worth it 🙂 The Funky Photography collections start from $495. All collections include a disk of high resolution images as well as the prints and products.

The booking fee is $200 – this is non refundable, but we can chop and change dates to suit you, so never panic if you have to cancel.

So, that’s basically it!  Feel free to ask me any questions, photography, or non photography related 😉

girl in field

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