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{I shouted that as I typed it – wahoo}!!

Well two thousand and twelve was certainly a year for moving forward, pushing the creative boundaries and achieving fabulous things, both professionally and personally.  I am so grateful for all the support I’ve received from clients, family and friends. You are all uh-mazing! I am looking forward to 2013, not only because I have some wonderful and interesting new projects to do, but also because our home will be complete. Our builders are having a little siesta before the next stage, possibly because my husband has been supplying them with copious amounts of beer in the form of Summers XXXX 🙂 If we don’t have straight walls, I will blame the husband 🙂 But the break has given us a chance to sneak in and have a good walk around the house, and of course, plan! I’m such a ‘list’ girl, I make lists purely for the joy of crossing everything off, it’s such a sense of achievement. So, over the Christmas break, I sat down with a glass of wine, a pencil and drawing pad, and started ‘dreaming’ and planning the interior design. My board on Pinterest has never looked so good!  I’ve spent hours recently pinning everything I love to my ‘home’ board.

So here is the stage we’re at now, tadarrrrrr – we have a house and bricks, yup I’m easily pleased 🙂 And our natural ‘panoramic’ window has worked out a treat. Such an amazing view of Mt Cooroy to wake up too every day. So very blessed.

plantation homes building a doulton lux

Now I know I should really be blogging some of the wonderful sessions I’ve done recently {seriously I worked right up until Christmas Eve}, and I know I have a few eager families waiting to see their sneak peeks, but this is my on line journal so I do want to document this next stage, mainly for my gorgeous family in the UK. I hope you understand.

So now to the nitty gritty! Planning the interior. I’m having huge amounts of fun with this, and have found some wonderful places for furniture, both locally and online. My ‘wish’ list is ever growing. My home inspiration board is looking rather lovely. Images are from Pinterest, you can find the links HERE

Bedroom ideas…….

home inspiration ideas

Boys room ideas……

designs for boys bedrooms

I’m looking forward to making more lists, and shopping {and working to pay for the shopping}! Eek! I think at this rate, I’ll be working until I’m 100!

Some other fabulous home decor sites for inspiration are;

French by Design


Daily Dream Decor

Until the next instalment of ‘Our House Build’ mwahhhhh xxx Annie xxx

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