Noosa Photography ~ Lens Baby Lovin………

I’ve never had anything handed to me on a plate. I’ve worked since I was 12 years old……….scrubbing dishes, waitressing, baby sitting………… through school and then through university. Adult life is no different. I work two jobs, three if you include the free lance work I do. Come home, help my lovely hubby deal with the kids, juggle the bills, pay the rent…….. you know normal life.  And then occasionally, at the end of the month, I get a chance to check the bank balance and ‘see’ if I can afford something for the business, something I’ve longed for, something I’ve wanted and wished for,  for months and months, but have had to put to the back of the list because kids,house and bills come first. But last week, FINALLY, I could do it. And I did! I got myself a Lens Baby Composer……. and the verdict is?

Well worth the wait. I {adore} it. It hasn’t left my Nikon! It’s not going to leave my Nikon! 🙂  These are day’s 1 & 2 of Lens baby Lovin 🙂 I’m still learning, and practicing. I love that it is feeding and developing my creativity. Next stop? Practicing on real people 🙂

lens baby composer photograph

lens baby composer used to take picture at the beach

lens baby photograph of beach at noosa heads

noosa main beach photography

For some absolutely UH~MAZING and inspiring photography using a Lens Baby, check out Deb Schwedhelm Photography. A truly incredible and awesome photographer. Her images take my breath away.

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