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“For me, photography is to place head, heart and eye along the same line as sight. It is a way of life”

Henri Cartier-Breeson

A few years ago, I met an amazing woman, who became an amazing friend. I’ve never known anyone quite like her. When I was sick, she was there for me. If I needed to talk, she was always there. If I was thinking about her, I’d suddenly get a text or a phone call. I used to say to her “you’re ever so spooky”. I’ve never met anyone so completely selfless. A truly soulful person, with an amazing spirit and zest for life, who would do anything, for any one. Then last year, the phone went quiet for a few weeks. I worried, but understood we were both busy. Weeks, turned into a couple of months, so I sent a text. I received a text back to say “I’ll call you tonight”, and she did, with news I didn’t want to hear. Her eldest son was in the Royal Brisbane Hospital receiving treatment for cancer. He had been in there for weeks, and she’d moved into accommodation near the hospital to be with him.

I cannot describe or emphasize enough just ‘what’ my friend and her family have been through. For those that haven’t watched a loved one go through this, it is too difficult to comprehend. ‘D’ endured cycle after cycle of chemotherapy. The month’s in hospital turned into a year. Finally, after a bone marrow transplant, D was allowed home. Throughout his treatment, D’s girlfriend remained with him, strong. They are an incredible couple. Mature for their teenage years and a little bit ‘quirky’ and fun 🙂

Last weekend, we caught up to do something a little bit special for my friend, as D&M, are heading to Europe to see a little bit more of the world. I know my friend is going to miss her boy lots, so Miss A, these are for you. 🙂 A huge thank you to Venita for joining us for the session. Venita took some stunning images that can be seen here.

D&M, have an absolutely amazing time overseas, make wonderful memories and see you when you get back

xxx Annie xxx

film black and white images of a mangirl in fieldquirky styled photo shootphotograph of couple in field with backlight sunsetphoto shoot for couple in field with backlight sunset

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