Preparing for a photoshoot ~ what to wear?

The most common question photographers get from clients, after booking a session is  ‘what do we wear?’ The choice and style of clothing, can really make or break a session. Gone are the days, when families turned up to the beach, dressed in fresh white shirts and denim jeans {I believe most photographers would have done a session like this at some stage}. Today, colour + co-ordination are the key to making a successful photo session. The NAPCP did a fabulous article on clothing for photo shoots, you can read it HERE.

There are no set rules regarding what colours or style of clothing you should wear. However, we do have a few ‘tips’.  

  • Aim for simplicity with colours, try not to have anymore than 4. An example of this can be seen in Megan Cristello’s work. Megan is an incredible photographer from the US, and a  co-ordination Queen! Check out her website and blog HERE. 
  • Avoid large logo’s or branding {particuarly footy shirts} 
  • Try and avoid having everyone in the same style shirts, just cos you live in the country doesn’t mean you’re all lumberjacks! Keep those chequered shirts for decorating and gardening!
  • Try different outfits, have a trial run. Pile up in front of the mirror ~ does it look great? Then fabulous, you’re ready for your shoot.
  • Denim is great and goes with most things. So if you get stuck, stick on the jeans. Dirty denim or ‘worn’ jeans are great for boys.   
  • Beware ‘the reds’! Yes thats right, red is great to photograph IN COLOUR, but in black and white, it looks plain washed out and pale.
  • Grab some accessories ~ be bold be daring! Colourful tights and leggings for girls, gum boots,cowboy boots,hats,beanies,head bands. The list of accessories is endless! 
  • Don’t forget shoes! Think outside the box ~ go for something a little different. A good pair of connies always works well with boys, or simply go barefoot 😉
  • Of course remember that newborn bubbas are best photographed in the nude!

Ultimately be yourselves, and go with what you love. If you love the vintage style, then go all out and find colourful dresses, shirts,ties,hats,beanies etc There are so many places you can find unique and colourful clothing, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Op shops are wonderful places for finding unique clothing. Alternativly you can go online to Ebay and Etsy. I absolutely adore Etsy, my credit card however doesn’t!

what to wear for a photography photo shoot

Shop locally! Go to your local markets, or swap meets. Find out where your nearest baby market is. One I adore {and really should go to more} is Mathilda’s Market ~ it is just well……. a photographer’s d.r.e.a.m {sigh}, so many beauty-full things.

Try at your local school. There are so many talented Mum’s and Dad’s out there, producing high quality clothing and accessories from their own homes. My favourites are My Little Hero Designs ~ Wendy is oh so talented and makes gorgeous super hero capes as well as funky children’s clothing and accessories.Brusselsprouts here in Australia, are again amazing, beautifully handmade children’s clothing {watch out for a photo session featuring a gorgeous dress from the Brusselsprout collection coming soon}! Wild Things of Noosa again supply oodles of ‘pretty things’ ~ both for boys and girls. I absolutely adore their rufflebutt nappy covers!

For organic fabrics check out Mooce Baby ~ adore their dresses, so retro!

Remember, most small businesses will take customs orders too!

For funky accessories try NuxieMade in the US! She’s so clever and has designed and made many of the hats I use in shoots 🙂 Think Kids in Noosa also has some amazing and gorgeous little outfits and accessories!  They stock the Oobi clothing range which I adore {see pic below}

oobi clothing range for kidsOobi Clothing Range available at Think Kids, Noosa

nuxiemade beanies and hatsBeauty-full beanie from NuxieMade

noosa photographersGo rustic! Team up denim with boots and a floral top.

clothes for photoshoots

photoshoot with vw beetleFor boys, bring along some accessories like ties and hats! Boys look great wearing worn jeans!

photo with vw kombi

Or for the ultimate accessory,  maybe hire a vintage Kombi!  This is Princess Sophia and she is gorgeous! For more information on hiring Sophia click HERE

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