Project 365 ~ Noosa Photography ~ A Bran Nue Dae

As we awoke to the harsh reality of what Mother Nature has unleashed, we awoke to something that hasn’t been seen for a while……… a brand new day. Like many of us, I have not been sleeping very well. The tragedy is overwhelming. So much loss of life, pain and suffering……… is very ‘real’, very raw and {heartbreaking}. There really are no words.

Whilst we try to come to terms with what has happened, we should be grateful for what we have. We should hold our children longer, re-establish connections that have been lost amongst a world of material items. The truth is, that none of those things matter, but long term, soulful connections do. The people in your life are everything.

Today, I got up at 4am……..the sun rose over Noosa and created a soft, warm glow that shone brightly through the ferns. It felt welcoming, it felt cleansing and it felt ‘right’. It truly is a bran nue dae………..

sun rise at noosa heads through the rainforest flood appeal queensland

Australia has a long journey ahead…….people have lost everything. It isn’t just the immediate loss of possessions, but loss of jobs, income and basic essentials such as clean drinking water and food. Please, please give whatever you can to the flood appeal. You can find out more information and donate by clicking HERE. If you have lost contact with friends or family in flood affected regions and are concerned for their welfare, please call 13 74 64.

Important Contacts

  • SES:  132 500
  • Disaster Recovery Hotline: 1800 173 349
  • Centrelink: 180 22 66

To keep up to date with the latest flood warnings and announcements, please visit the Queensland Police Service Facebook page HERE

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