Sunshine Coast Family Portrait Photography ~ Generations…….

There’s something very special about meeting a family who have lived in one area for generations. I think it’s because my family are scattered around the world. I grew up in a household where we shifted every 2 years, something to do with my Dad’s job apparently. It gave me the bug for travelling and moving too, although now I’m close to ’40′, I appear to have settled down 🙂 Well, kinda – just a couple more moves, then I’ll be done, I promise.

This family are very close to my heart. Ms B and her wonderful family help me with EVERYTHING; from props and gorgeous, sweet models, to location scouting and helping push through my photography ideas. Ms B’s dad is an incredible man who has a passion for collecting anything historical. Recently I had the pleasure of popping up to the family farm to see what wonderful things I could use as inspiration for sessions. I came back totally inspired… watch this space, it is very exciting.

To Ms B and parents – a huge thank you, I am aways grateful for your help………here are a few pics from our afternoon on the farm. There’s another very special blog post to follow this one, but for now………….

inspired by dear photograph

gympie photography

vintage farm equipment gympie

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