Sunshine Coast Photography ~ 3 Pretty Girls

and they truly are! 3 little ‘critters’ {their Mum’s words not mine}, 3 completely different personalities and 3 lots of love. I met this gorgeous family, when their Mum had just had little Miss K, and she asked me to come and photograph her all freshly baked and newborn. Little Miss K is now 2, Miss A {her big sister} is at school and Miss Z in the middle chatters away {and spills all the beans}! It truly is fabulous to watch this family grow.

The girls pretty pink dresses are from Tea Princess with hair accessories from Petit Enfant.

girl in woods with headband on from petite enfants

girls in tea princess dresses whispering secrets to each other

tea princess dresses on girls whispering secrets in woods

tea princess clothing designs

girl with balloons sunlight sunflare in woods

girl in woods with balloons at sunset sunflare

noosa family portrait photography sunshine coast

Many many thanks Bridget and girls. Happy Christmas and thank you so much for my peonies, I adore them! XXXXX

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