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There are a few sites, that as a photographer, I visit regularly ~ just to sit, and chill with a hot cuppa and get lost in endless pages of the most heart warming and inspiring photography. One of them, that I have visited since it very first started, is The Maternal Lens.  It was put together by a group of awesomely talented photographers in the US. They do posts of life, being a mum, all things photography and they showcase other photographers, as well as displaying their POTD {photo of the day}.

I have been featured on their POTD a few times now, so I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to TML girls. I really am very grateful.

inspiring photography

This got me thinking about what and ‘who’  inspires me. Like most photographers, I’m a bit of a ‘mix n match’. Whilst I have my own style, that most people recognise, I find the need to grow a little, to evolve, to keep motivated. Photoshop plays a part in this, as I develop new techniques that change the way I edit. Music plays a huge part in not only my editing, but how I shoot.  I have been know to base complete sessions on  a particular song. While I edit, I always have music going {blasting though my retro lime green ear phones}!

 I checked the history on my browser, to ‘see’ the websites I visit the most, and, here they are………

The Drifter & The Gypsy – what were you doing when you were sweet 16? This site was started by a 16 year old young lady from the States, with a passion for all things emotive and beauty-full {sigh}

inspiring photography websites

Dear Photograph – wow is all I can say. Such amazing stories behind some of the photographs displayed. It truly makes you understand the significance of photography, and capturing real life. inspiring photography websitesThe NACPP – and not just because I am a member 🙂 But because it gives a real insight into the world of photography, both for the client and the professional. There are behind the scenes, session shares, member spotlights, helpful hints, shopping and so much more. The NAPCP girls work tirelessly to ensure the website is not only beautiful to look at and browse through, but relevant.

inspiring photography website

Vivian Maier ~ Her Discovered Work – I visit this site about once a week. An amazing artist, whose work lay undiscovered until her death. Street photography is something I have never attempted, totally out of my comfort zone, so to me, she is a little bit of a hero 🙂 Her work is an honest reflection of ‘life’ in Chicago from the 1950′s to the 1990′s.

Vivian Maier her discovered work

Pinterest– well if you haven’t heard of Pinterest, then where have you been? It’s one of the hottest inspiration sites to hit our PC screens {or Mac if you’re on the dark side} 🙂 Everyone who has anything to do with photography/graphic design is into it. Go on check it out 🙂

inspiring photography websites

Joshi Daniel – One of the few photographer’s sites I visit. His work is  dark, emotive, true. A beautiful photographer, from India who’s images tear at my heart, give me goosebumps and make me truly appreciate the world in which we exist, and why we should be grateful.

Deb Schwedhelm – her soulful and inspiring work speaks for itself. She is one of the worlds leading children’s photographer’s, yet she remains a ‘wallflower’. I quite often sit and browse through her blog when I feel the need to be grounded; to be reminded of the true meaning of photography; to have some quiet and dignified time to reflect on the world that is truly beautiful and unique.

inspiring photography

I hope you find these as inspiring as I do


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