Every photo session is different, just as every person is unique, my aim to is capture candid, natural images of you and your little ones. Giggles, smiles, frowns, tears and tantrums – I'm after them all (and thats just the adults)!!!

A lot of clients ask if there's anything they can do or bring to a session, so below I've made a list of helpful hints for the different sessions.


Family Sessions

Gathering the troops together for a family shoot can seem a little daunting – co ordination is the key  – and not just with times!!!

Co-ordinate clothes, white works best in most situations as does denim!
For the guys, white shirts – vary in style
For the gals, anything white or nice and light. Dresses, skirts, blouses and sarongs work really well
Children can wear whatever they feel comfortable in – but try and keep them co-ordinated!
Hair, make up and nails – check! You don't have to be a great make up artist – in fact you can wear as little or as much as you like!
Water and snacks for children
Comforters and favourite toys (kids can get bored, despite me being very silly and blowing bubbles)


Newborns to 12mths old
Newborns are best photographed within their first 3 weeks
If you know your 'due date' try and book Annie in advance for a few weeks afterwards
Ensure littlen has had a good sleep and feed before the session
Bring comforters, soothers, favourite toys and a few changes of outfit
Sun hats and sun block are essential if outside
If you're planning for shots inside your house, please ensure theres adequate light in the nursery, bedrooms and living areas
Oooo they can get cranky! Try and book sessions to fit in with their daily routines, preferably after a good nap and feed
Bring a few changes of outfit and their favourite toys
Bring along some drinks and a few snacks
Sun hats and sun screens are essential

Older children
For older children bring a few changes of clothes, some drinks and snacks!


This is where you can be as creative as you like!
Try and co-ordinate colours and styles and plan for different locations!
We could end up anywhere; the beach, fields, country roads or outside a dodgy laundrette in the city! The choice is yours!
Bring a few changes of outfit and beachwear, plus a nice evening dress and heels!
Water and snacks are essential as I have been known to go on for more than 2 hrs (oops)!
Bring along some accessories; handbags, hats, flowers etc
Oh and most essential piece of equipment…… Chapstick!!! You'll be doing a lot of kissing!


Time of the Day…
As a natural light photographer, I prefer to work when the light is at its best, from experience I have found this to be from 10am through to 3pm. We can also take advantage of our gorgeous sunsets at 5pm if you'd prefer a later session!