Welcome 2016……….

and whatever happened to 2015 and 2014 blog posts? Well, ‘life’ kinda got in the way – sorry about that. I was actually surprised to find I still had a website. So what’s been happening? Firstly, not one child, but two children graduated from high school – hurrah! Then one went to university studying law, the other took a ‘bludge off your parents’ gap year and has now started Uni (hurrah) . Child #3? Well he ‘s now in year 12 and continues to do his excellence in music/music production with the aim of going to university in the big smoke. Add into that the house build, a hysterectomy, work (nursing), then husbands mad dash into hospital, then more building, more nursing – and yep, my life got a little fun.

So I replaced photography with interior (and exterior) design, are we finished? Hell no! I’ve decided the only time this house will ever be complete is if I a) win lotto b)win lotto and c) have some magical fairy elves come and finish house/garden whilst I’m tucked up in bed, blissfully unaware of all the glitter and stardust going on around me. So yup, I can’t see us ever finishing. It’s good to have a project though isn’t it?

So onwards to 2016 and we start with a gorgeous session for the fabulous Miss Wendy at Eumundi Vintage Clothing, open Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Humdrum Cafe in Eumundi, and also open by appointment. Many thanks to the beautiful models and their Mummy’s.

xxAnnie xx

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