Grateful {h.e.a.r.t} ~ Noosa Photography ~ Sunshine Coast Family Portraits

It’s been a bit of an odd week. One minute happy and grateful, the next stressed and sad. So many things are changing here. The boys are going back to school {I know, I should be rejoicing from the rooftop, but with school comes the early morning starts, packed lunch making, school drop offs and pick ups, after school activities ~ sigh}…… People are moving.  Couples are becoming families. The weather. Yep, things are certainly changing.

So after whats been a bit of a teary week, it was so nice to see Miss Paige’s image on The Maternal Lens website 🙂 It made my heart happy, and I know Paige is thrilled! Well done my lovely you are gorgeous! I’m actually going to attempt to do the full blog post shortly, as we had such a lovely, chilled afternoon down at the ‘servo’ {I kid you not}!!! Thank you Maternal lens girls, you’ve given me a happy heart again 🙂 xxxxxxx

sunshine coast photography

noosa family portraits

noosa family portraits sunshine coast

senior portrait photography

xxxxx Annie xxxxx

Noosa Baby and Child Photography ~ Sunshine Coast Photography ~ The ‘Art’ of Light

I think I may have mentioned it before, but I adore ‘light’, I see it, I feel it, I love it. Nothing makes my heart sing more than when I wake early and see the rays of sunlight  streaming through my bedroom window. I know it’s going to be a good day 🙂  How beauty-full it was to arrive at Miss Wendy’s place and find gorgeous, hazy, sunshine dancing over her lawn, in between the trees and down by the dam. Bliss! You’ll all recognise Miss M and little Mister J…..I have photographed them since they were babies and have watched them grow……And boy aren’t they growing! Mum & Dad are so proud, and they should be! Here’s a few from their sunshine session.


vintage style image of a toddler girl with a pink plane in sunlight with sunflare

girl toddler in a pink plane vintage in sunlight

black and white portrait of girl toddler with aviator goggles and sunflare

toddler girl in pink vintage plane with sunlight

image of a boy in a superman outfit with sunflare

superman outfit

Project 365 ~ Noosa Photography ~ A Bran Nue Dae

As we awoke to the harsh reality of what Mother Nature has unleashed, we awoke to something that hasn’t been seen for a while……… a brand new day. Like many of us, I have not been sleeping very well. The tragedy is overwhelming. So much loss of life, pain and suffering……… is very ‘real’, very raw and {heartbreaking}. There really are no words.

Whilst we try to come to terms with what has happened, we should be grateful for what we have. We should hold our children longer, re-establish connections that have been lost amongst a world of material items. The truth is, that none of those things matter, but long term, soulful connections do. The people in your life are everything.

Today, I got up at 4am……..the sun rose over Noosa and created a soft, warm glow that shone brightly through the ferns. It felt welcoming, it felt cleansing and it felt ‘right’. It truly is a bran nue dae………..

sun rise at noosa heads through the rainforest flood appeal queensland

Australia has a long journey ahead…….people have lost everything. It isn’t just the immediate loss of possessions, but loss of jobs, income and basic essentials such as clean drinking water and food. Please, please give whatever you can to the flood appeal. You can find out more information and donate by clicking HERE. If you have lost contact with friends or family in flood affected regions and are concerned for their welfare, please call 13 74 64.

Important Contacts

  • SES:  132 500
  • Disaster Recovery Hotline: 1800 173 349
  • Centrelink: 180 22 66

To keep up to date with the latest flood warnings and announcements, please visit the Queensland Police Service Facebook page HERE

Nambour Baby Photography ~ Sunshine Coast Baby Photography ~ A very special delivery

Little Mister H’s is one very lucky baby! Not only does he have the nicest parents, and gorgeous grandparents, but he is our very special 1.1.2011 baby, born at 11.11am at Nambour! What are the odds of that happening? I think Mum and Dad should definitely go out and buy a lotto ticket 😉 Here is a very quick sneek peek from his first session. Over the year I’ll be photographing him, and his Mum & Dad again. It’s very exciting! He really is the most chilled out bub in the world! Well done Candice & Rudi ~ he is amazing 🙂

newborn baby photography nambour

newborn baby photo amanda keeys beanies for baby's

The gorgeous little hat is knitted by the very talented Amanda Keeys…..however me being not so talented in the ‘dressing a newborn’ department, put it on the wrong way round 🙂 Ooops!

No words ~ Noosa Photography

heart queensland floods

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