Finally……..we’re in! Building with Plantation Homes

The past few months have gone in a bit of a whirl if I’m honest. One minute we were standing on a vacant piece of land, the next we’re moving in to our freshly built house. If I thought the hard work was over, I was wrong! It’s only just beginning {sigh}. So to date we’ve moved out of rental, done the bond clean (horrid, horrid job), moved in to new house, decorated one room and had the laundry fitted out. We still haven’t:- decorated, tiled splash back in laundry, finished lights, concreted alfresco area, landscaped garden, put side fence up, had shutters fitted. So just a bit to do then 🙂 But……..WE HAVE OUR NEW HOME! It feels amazing! The hard work is worth it. So here’s a few snap shots, all Iphone as I’ve been a tad lax in the camera department, hey ho I’ll get back to it eventually.

iphone images of building own home

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