Life Moments ~ At No 15

A boring personal post…………...{or maybe not so boring if you’ve been following our house build/life in general}

It’s been nearly four months since we moved in.  We’ve achieved lots but still have so much to do. Wondering if it ever ends? And, if it does end, will I get bored and do it all over again {build I mean}. In actual fact it’ll probably take us the entire length of the mortgage to finish the place – scary much? So, being VERY lazy the house progress/life pics are brought to you by the power of Instagram – yup. I’ve become a very lazy photographer indeed 🙂

All the rooms are slowly getting there {with thanks to The Block  – genius TV that has seen many of us dashing out and raiding Beacon Lighting and Freedom because of course we’re interior designers – pffttt}, and Pinterest. Yup, hand up, I’ll admit it, I’ve had my poor husband making various pieces of furniture out of old builders pallets, and scrap stuff he’s found around the garden {and the tip}. He’s doing rather well at it too. We are however missing {in no particular order of preference}

1. A pool

2. A landscaped garden

3. A tiled alfresco area

4. More retaining walls {yes MORE}!

5. A bbq/kitchen in said alfresco area

6. Furniture – media room, front room, music room – it seemed a good idea in the planning stages to have all these rooms, didn’t even cross my mind we’d have to furnish them 🙂

Having said that we are oh so happy 🙂 The position of the house is amazing, north facing – the sunset in the evening spectacular and of course the views of Mount Cooroy glorious. So yes, we may still be a way off ‘finishing’ {and that house warming}, but we’re just happy to be have a roof over our heads for our little family.

funky photography instagraminstagram pictures from funky photography

To our family in the UK, a big mwahhhh! Thank you for our moving in cards and presents, we miss you lots and lots and can’t wait for you to come over and stay 🙂

Annie xxx

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