Noosa Heads Photography ~ Building with Plantation Homes ~ Doulton Lux Q3

Ahh goodness, where is this year going? Please slow down 2013, I have a lot to do!

So with the kids finally back at school, the cyclones and bad weather easing and normality gradually settling in, the builders are back and they are really pushing through the workload. It’s so exciting to finish my day and head to site to see the progress. I haven’t really been able to take any ‘proper’ photographs, but here is a quick glimpse ‘IG’ style, along with some other hippy happy snaps of our daily lives.

I just wanted to add, thank you so much to Karla for your lovely email. I really, really hope you see this, as I’ve tried to respond to your email several times and it keeps on pinging back to me. Would love to catch up and chat over coffee, especially as we’re both building with plantation homes {and live so close}. Call me girl, or find me on Facebook!

instagram iphone photos of build with plantation homes

Will try and get some proper photographs of house build soon, until then have a wonderful week everyone!

xx Annie xx

Update! Some proper photos as promised xxx

plantation homes queensland

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