Noosa Photography ~ Celebrating a Wonderful Day

It feels like an eternity since I last posted a ‘proper’, you know, ‘photography’ related post. You see I haven’t ‘hung up’ my camera, quite the opposite! I’ve been merrily snapping away, I just haven’t been able to blog {building, moving, no internet, then internet – hurrah, but crappy internet, then decorating, shopping, more decorating} and now – hooray, I FINALLY have time to blog someone rather special.

You’ll probably recognise this very special little girl. I’ve been photographing her since she was a toddler. Her mum is one of my closest friends, I adore the whole family {grandma, aunt, cousins}! They have become more than friends, they’re family.

So happy birthday Miss A – you are so gorgeous {but then you’ve come from awesome genes} 🙂

On the ‘home front’ – we have shutters! They are beauty-full {I never thought I’d be saying that about window coverings}. Terry from TK Shutters in Noosa did an awesome job. We also have a super dupa laundry thanks to Chris {cabinet maker} and Tile World in Noosa. Again, how can one become so obsessed with tiles and wood? {sigh} Talking of home decor obsessions, I am absolutely in love with Leanne’s house renovation blog. I want to move in to her place immediately, or maybe just move in to her head, or both 🙂 The girl has style, lots of style or swagggggggg as my boys would say 🙂 I am a little jealous, as I have very limited furniture in my place, like errrrrrrrr just beds and 4 replica Tolix stools 🙂

Until the next time,  {when I may or may not have more furniture}

Mwahh Annie xx

girls vintage tea party noosa headsvintage tea party australia

vintage girls tea party noosa

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