Sunshine Coast Photography ~ Being Grateful

A photography student asked me the other day, if I ever just ‘take photos for fun ~ or is it purely business’. For me, it has always been about fun, and love, but mostly fun 🙂 I started at age 17, photographing everything and anything because I enjoyed it. Nothing has changed. On a day when I’m not doing a client session, I take my camera, jump in the car and go off somewhere, just to photograph what’s around me. I am incredibly grateful for living in such an amazing area and having a supportive and understanding family.  Sometimes I use my main camera, other times I simply use the iphone. There are no rules anymore when it comes to photography, anything goes 🙂 xxxxx

sand,surf and sunrise at sunshine beach queensland sunshine coast

sunset at coolum beach queensland australia

pretty grasses in sunlight, sunflare

and the iphone ones 🙂 ~ our ‘real’  life 🙂

Little Ollie, he’s been sick last week 🙁 He finally woke up after 2 days

orange and poppyseed cake

Now I’ve cut back, I’ve been able to start doing things I didn’t do before, like baking!!!

lemon merigue

Yummy – somebody stop me!!!!

husband mopping the floor

Doesn’t matter how tired he is…….he always mops the floor at night 🙂

sunset at noosa spit

So yep, I take photos for fun……..of EVERYTHING!    xxxxxxx

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